10 Bathroom Colour Schemes That Work Wonderfully With Brass

Brass bathroom hardware is a design goldmine when it comes to finding the perfect bathroom colour palette for your home. With such a range of tones, finishes and such a broad complimentary colour palette, brass hardware is not only popular but just makes sense when it comes to choosing bathroom hardware. 

The true beauty of our most popular Bespoke Taps unlaquered brass is that natural ageing and water spots make for a rich range of tones and visual textures which naturally completes so many simple colour palettes. 

From period-inspired palettes to sharp, on-trend colour schemes, we hope we can inspire you to find the perfect colour combination for your bathroom to let your brass shine through. 


1. Green and pale pink

Green and pale pink bathroom colour scheme with brass

Image: @interior.therapy

This delicious shade of green has been big news the past couple of years and it's not going anywhere soon. Combining the subtly-pigmented green and super pale pink with all the heritage and character of brass hardware, whether it’s a fully shiny product or ageing and oxidising, channels something an exotic feel. It’s been proven that green is softer on the eye’s retina which makes it a perfect balance with the strong presence of brass. Just be sure to incorporate some brighter white balancing hues to complete your colour palette. 


2. White and marble

White and marble colour scheme with brass taps

Image: @victoria_at_thewhitecottage

Sometimes, going back to a simple white colour palette is the most effective way to achieve serene beauty and allow your hardware to really sing. Think of it as a blank canvas with brass hardware being the star of the show. There’s so much to play around with even within a pure white palette so try mixing in some subtle textures and shade variations such as classic marble and get creative by making feature statements with shape instead of colour as with the shower tile formation shown here. 


3. Shades of grey

Grey shower with brass shower hardware

Image: @fionadukeinteriors

Although it might be an unlikely pairing, dark elephant grey and brass actually work so well together. To get this colour scheme right, you need to make sure you pick a grey with hearty, warm undertones which can support the glow of the bronze. This colour scheme creates a dark, moody kind of feel in a bathroom but its elevated with the bronze sheen, creating a curious contrast which works really well. 

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4. Organic wood and neutrals

 Wood and neutral bathroom colour scheme with brass

Image: @simplyscandikatie

Neutral colour palettes are making a serious splash on the interiors scene at the moment, partly due to their transeasonal flexibility and also due to the aesthetic benefits of being surrounded by soft, earthy tones in the home. Luckily, a warm neutral colour palette makes for the perfect canvas to showcase brass hardware in the bathroom (and any other room for that matter). We love how this colour combination works so effortlessly.


5. Light grey and white

Grey and white colour scheme for bathroom with brass

Image: @castandpolish

Pale colour schemes tend to work a treat with brass tapware and other decor as the colour contrast allows the metallic tones to really sing. This predominantly pale grey and white colour scheme is super simple but works in texture and tone with the floor and tiling and the careful addition of key pieces of brass with a high-sheen finish. A colour scheme like this one makes for the perfect mix of classic, period styling and modern influences. 

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6. Dusky pastel blue

Pastel blue bathroom colour scheme with brass

Image: @em.gurner

If you ask us, we think this shade of blue is set to be wonderfully popular in years to come. With warm undertones and a soft finish, it support the brass pieces perfectly and it made light, airy and fresh with the complimentary white in the palette. Also, notice how the blue opens up to highlighting with lighter and darker accents so it really rounds out the palette and creates a luxurious palette for the brass, too. 


7. Monochrome black and white

 Black and white bathroom colour scheme with brass

Image: @thevictorianmoneypit

Is there anything quite as chic as a classic monochrome colour scheme? We think not. Brass taps, accessories and other hardware just so happen to make the perfect addition to this kind of palette as it breathes life and warmth into an otherwise simple combination. The lustrous sheen of the brass also creates a visual bridge between the two colours, elevating the black and softening the white so you’re left with a rounded palette that would look timeless in almost any home. 


8. Electric blue and stained timber

Electric blue and stained timber bathroom colour scheme with brass taps

Image: @home_at_brookes

If you want to channel heritage and period decor in your bathroom then finding a washstand in a mid-stained wood is a fantastic place to start. The wood stain will ensure maximum durability of the wooden furniture and the organic grain pairs beautifully with the character of brass taps. From here, add a dash of vibrance to the scheme with a shade like this energetic blue which both complements the golden tones of the hardware as well as the brown hues in the stained wood. Together, this gives a modern twist on classic period styling and a timeless palette made current. 


9. Deep navy blue and classic white

Navy and white bathroom colour scheme with brass

Image: @simplyscandikatie

The way that navy and brass work together needs no explanation. The key to getting the most out of this colour palette is using the strong navy blue in smaller doses, so say just on cabinets or on a single wall. Fresh, crisp while bringing the overall tone of the room up and keep it feeling light and airy. There’s also a certain level of sophistication that comes with a navy colour scheme which you really can’t turn down. 


10. Dusky pink and plain white

White and pink bathroom with brass taps

Image: @ashlingrose

Bathrooms are a wonderful opportunity to really experiment with fun pops of colour and dusky pink is the perfect way to do just that. Pink and gold is an age-old glamour combination but you can make it considered and super tasteful by opting for their classy cousins, dusky pink and brass. We’re big fans of statement tiles and this fine herringbone pattern gives a healthy dose of contemporary angles to put a twist on the classic style.