About Us

The Story Behind Francone Bespoke Taps

Hi, I’m Paolo Francone, founder of Francone Bespoke Taps which was born from my combined love of British style and Italian artisanal craft. I grew up in Northern Italy, surrounded by local artisan craftspeople. When I moved to the UK, the unique British style captured my imagination, and I saw an opportunity to connect talented artisans from across the world with clients looking for a unique product.
With Francone Bespoke Taps, Our artisanal craftspeople can design and create the perfect taps, fittings, towel rail radiators and wash basins for every bathroom. This means our clients can achieve their dream bathroom complete with fittings in any finish; from unlacquered brass for those looking for beautiful ageing to stylish brushed bronze and many more.
With Bespoke Taps, our clients can ensure their dream designs become reality with expert artisans. Our team of artisans work wonders with their chosen materials and ensure every aspect meets the client’s specification from the material, style and finish to deliver a beautiful final product.

What Makes Us Different

We offer clients complete personalisation for total design control
We have a huge range of materials and finishes, including solid brass and unlacquered brass
We create a community that delivers a personal relationship between clients and artisans.

Our Team

While we may be a small team, we reach out to connect hundreds of highly-skilled artisans to a huge worldwide client base who appreciate high-quality, unique products that have been crafted with detailed care and attention.


I work hard to ensure every client receives the best possible service while working closely with designers and crafters to ensure every product exceeds client expectations. My goal is to ensure Bespoke Taps offers exclusivity, uniqueness and personalised client service. When I’m not working, I love to travel. To relax, I either kick back with a glass of red wine or enjoy a kick about with friends, putting my skills as an ex-professional football to good use.


As our Operations Manager in Italy, Andrea is responsible for looking after our dedicated craftspeople and making sure that the high standards we have set are always maintained. Andrea works with the local artisans to ensure every client request can be met and expanding the team with more talented designers and crafters. Andrea loves tennis, football and poker and will happily talk about these sports with you over a nice cold beer or two.


Based in the UK, Stephanie is our resident writer who keeps the Bespoke Tap blog up to date. She also ensures that we have detailed descriptions for all of our products and services so that clients can feel fully informed when choosing our fantastic customisable taps and accessories. When she’s not writing, Stephanie usually has her head in a book. You’ll also find her travelling to sunny destinations or watching MotoGP.

How We Work

The journey begins on our website, where clients can browse existing designs, or create their own design. We like to wow our clients with our affordable prices. You really can enjoy bespoke, completely customised, beautifully finished products without them costing the earth. Simply tell us what you want, and we will take care of the rest.

Our Mission

Our values