About us


As with so many great design brands, Francone Bespoke Taps was born out of passion, appreciation and curiosity. Growing up in the Piemonte region of Northern Italy, Paolo Francone was always familiar with the artisan workshops and heritage craftsmanship that Italy is so well known for. Upon later moving to London, he became obsessed with traditional British style and the provenance behind classic Anglo-American design. Hence, Francone Bespoke Taps was born, to bring the best of both worlds to international clients. 

Francone Bespoke Taps works directly with the craftsman themselves, often using traditional methods passed down through generations, prioritising superior quality of materials and composition above all else. Since its creation, the company has worked closely with each workshop to refine every minute detail on each of the products on offer, stipulating nothing less than perfection so that each and every piece will, in turn, serve generations to come. In order to be able to offer something that few others can, Paolo continues to personally drive every design innovation, ensuring that each piece honours the heritage that is behind it but still remains true to contemporary design methods and ingenuity. 

Paolo and his team pride themselves on being able to provide an exceptional range of materials, finishes and styles and work closely with each client to meet their needs, whatever the requirements. 

You can find Francone Bespoke Taps in high-end homes internationally as well as in the bathrooms and changing rooms of a number of renowned corporate clients.

Our Team

I work hard to ensure every client receives the best possible service while working closely with designers and crafters to ensure every product exceeds client expectations. My goal is to ensure Bespoke Taps offers exclusivity, uniqueness and personalised client service. When I’m not working, I love to travel. To relax, I either kick back with a glass of red wine or enjoy a kick about with friends, putting my skills as an ex-professional football to good use.


As our Operations Manager in Italy, Andrea is responsible for looking after our dedicated craftspeople and making sure that the high standards we have set are always maintained. Andrea works with the local artisans to ensure every client request can be met and expanding the team with more talented designers and crafters. Andrea loves tennis, football and poker and will happily talk about these sports with you over a nice cold beer or two.


Based in the UK, Hannah is the cheerful voice of our customer service. Her love for home and interior combined with her strong problem solving abilities makes her a wonderful addition to our busy office. She enjoys family beach days, exploring the countryside and whipping up culinary delights for her little boy Harry.


Based in Italy, Maura is the trait d’union between our workshop and customer service. A helpful right-hand woman, who supports both Andrea and Hannah, dealing with supply orders and customers’ requests. She enjoys long walks in the mountains with her dogs and spending time with family and friends tasting the delicacies that her husband, a professional chef, cooks for her.