Choosing Your Mixer Control

When choosing from our wonderful range of solid brass bespoke showers complete with mixer taps, it is sometimes difficult to make up your mind as to which design to go for. We often get questions from clients, asking about the different shower options and what we have available in terms of showerheads and mixer taps. In order to lessen the confusion, we have detailed below the different types of valves that produce different styles in terms of both design and functionality. Each of our designs shown below comprise the showerhead and either one or two mixer taps:

Classic traditional hot and cold

This is like the BTS35 with a shower head and two traditional standard handles delivering hot and cold water separately. A great retro design for those that like to keep things simple. To add the hand shower BTS23, then the diverter BTA5 is need to switch from shower head and hand shower. 

Progressive mixer

Like the BTS16, this showerhead comes with one single handle mixer tap which allows you to precisely control the flow and temperature together in one clockwise movement. For a modern and minimalist design.

Standard mixer

Very much like the BTS7, our standard mixer is an example of our single handle operation mixer and has two functions. It controls the hot and cold temperature and turns the water supply on and off. The built-in volume control allows you to adjust the spray as you need to, providing you with control over the temperature and pressure at the same time. Choose this design if you are on a budget as it does all that you need it to at an affordable price.

Thermostatic mixer

Our thermostatic mixer is like the BTS5. There are two handles, one to set up the temperature and the second one to open or close the water supply. The thermostatic mixer costs more but provides additional safety. Due to demand, we recently added to the range an exposed version of the thermostatic valve like in BTS2, perfect for those looking for something traditional but with modern features.

Choosing the ideal shower and mixer tap design to suit you

Which option you go for can make a big difference to the look and feel of your bathroom, but you also need to look at the practicalities of each style. Whichever option you choose, all are carefully hand-made in our workshop by craftsmen, giving each item a unique feel of its own. This gives your bathroom a very up-market and distinctive look. Some of the shower mixers come with two handles, some with one and some with three to fully control an additional hand-shower. Each creates an equally gorgeous look, bringing all the elements of your bathroom together. By choosing the most suitable shower head and mixer taps, the whole design will come together perfectly. Don't be misled by thinking that the mixer taps and showerhead are just taking up a small part of the space; they affect the look of your bathroom in a big way, with each of our four styles offering a different look and user-friendliness. Check out our different styles available now and create a seamless look for your new bathroom with the perfect shower head and mixer taps. 

Adding an additional hand-shower to your shower? Please see below examples. 

a) In this case BTS32 thermostatic valve comes with bottom handle to setup the temperature and the two other handles to open/close the shower head and hand shower. Both shower head and hand shower can be open simultaneously. 

b) Here BTS33 thermostatic shower comes with bottom handle to setup the temperature and one single handle to open the water supply. The diverter BTA5 in this case is needed to switch from shower head to hand shower BTS23 (or BTS23P).