Bespoke Taps for Commercial Clients

Have you ever been in one of those places where you've had to tell the person you're with to take a look at the bathrooms? No, not in a negative way, but because they're stunning? Occasionally, commercial premises, whether it's a bar, restaurant, gym or bowling alley, manage to inject a real touch of style into their bathrooms. The reaction by the clientele is often priceless.

Impress Your Customers

Brass taps over basin for commercial client

Image: @vacayco

If you want to keep your customers coming back for more, you have to stand out from your competition. This is true whether you're in the restaurant business or running a fitness club. The bathrooms might only seem a minor point in your plans but think about it more carefully. Most customers are going to use the bathroom at some point during their visit and would you prefer them to see a boring sink unit with commonplace taps or see something spectacular that's really going to lodge in their memory? Impress them and they'll be far more likely to remember you.

Quality Matters

Brass bath taps over freestanding bath in bathroom

Image: @thepalm_residence

One thing that customers in any industry hate are being sold a lie. If they buy an item that they think is genuine and it turns out to be a fake, their trust in that company rapidly diminishes. You find the same thing when you're considering bathroom fittings for your business premises. If you choose something ostensibly flashy but cheap and you're caught out in that lie, your customers might start wondering which other aspects of your business have style but no substance. For instance, if you're a hotelier promising luxury linen but you've tried to pull the wool over their eyes in other areas, why would they trust you on that point? Successful businesses thrive on their reputation and they'll seek to enhance that reputation wherever they can. Putting quality first can help “ even in the bathroom.

Bespoke Options on Tap

Barry's gym shower changing rooms

Image: in Barry's

So, if you're trying to make an impression in your business bathrooms and you're focused on quality, bespoke options are likely to be your best bet. This way, you can completely customise the experience. Whereas off-the-shelf taps and bowls might be functional, they're as likely to be found in your competitor's premises or in another business nearby. Going bespoke means that you're unique, and originality stands out in the mind of your clientele. It also opens up the possibilities even further than you might think. One of our most iconic projects, for example, was a bespoke muscle man hook that was perfectly suited for the VIP gyms it was designed for!

Bespoke Taps can turn your business's dream into reality. Choose a luxury finish from our extensive range and then customise the length and handle to suit your own style. You can even complement it with one of our bespoke radiators or other bathroom accessories. Start your journey towards a commercial bathroom that imprints itself on the memories of your customers today by browsing our website. To whet your appetite, take a look at our traditional bib taps “ just the flash of luxury to stand out in any setting. Happy browsing!