Is a Mixer Shower Right for You?

In your quest to design the perfect unique bathroom for your household, you'll no doubt have to find a shower that matches both your decor and your style. For most people, this can't be found on the high street or from any of the big brands that operate online. If you want ultimate craftsmanship for that one-of-a-kind bathroom, you'll want to start examining the bespoke options on the market.

Mixer showers blend hot and cold water together and that blend is what emerges from the shower head. They're popular and easy to use and maintain, but you might think that they're a little boring. That doesn't have to be the case. Think of a mixer shower as your shower of choice rather than your only option. Bespoke shower designers can make even the everyday look astounding. For instance, in your modern bathroom, perhaps you're having a freestanding bath. These are enjoying a resurgence in popularity but what if you want a shower included? One option, instead of cluttering the area with unsightly units, is to choose a floor-mounted tap (like this one). There are also options for ceiling-mounted showers (like this). Nor is the effectiveness of a mixer shower inferior to other types. Thanks to our thermostatic mixer, every mixer shower purchased from Bespoke Taps keeps the water temperature steady while it's in operation. Without this, the temperate can fluctuate, making your shower less than relaxing! We also offer a progressive mixer which allows alterations in one single movement, perfect for giving you the ultimate control over your showering experience.

Something else you must consider when you're buying a new shower to install in a contemporary bathroom is whether the room will work overall. A garish white monolith shower will probably look out of place in a stylish and elegant bathroom, particularly if you've taken care to choose a finish for your taps that suits the room and your personal tastes. We have finished for shower fittings that match those of our taps, ensuring that everything in your bathroom looks as though it belongs there. One final artisan touch that really matters is the length of your shower arm, whether it's a wall-mounted or ceiling mounted arm. Imagine installing your perfect shower and realising that the arm didn't stretch as far as you wanted it to. It'd be like having chocolate and being unable to reach it. Don't fear, though: our bespoke shower arms ensure that's never the case. Bespoke Taps are committed to installing bathroom fittings that complement your style and look outstanding. On our website, not only will you find details of all the showers we offer for inside use, but there's also a unique industrial shower which cab be lacquered for external use. Take a splash of the luxury outside for once! You can browse our full range of showers here.

Images: @homesodandy @our_abodes @snowdropvilla1879