A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Shower

Taking a shower is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating experiences that one can have. Whether it's after a long day at work, a workout session, or just to start your day, a shower can be just what you need to feel refreshed and invigorated.

However, the type of shower you use can greatly impact the quality of your shower experience, so you must choose wisely. In this article, we'll take a look at four different types of showers: thermostatic, column, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted, and the different showerheads you can choose from.

Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic showers are designed to maintain a consistent water temperature, regardless of any changes in water pressure. They are perfect for people who want a precise and comfortable showering experience. When it comes to choosing a showerhead for a thermostatic shower, it's important to look for one that has a consistent flow rate and temperature.

You can choose between the exposed (BTS2) or the concealed (BTS1) version. The concealed is less invasive in terms of space, as the thermostatic valve is fitted into the wall. While the exposed shows the details and has the solid brass pipes showing (BTS3).

Our BTS19 Concealed Thermostatic Shower with the Classic 200 showerhead is a great choice.

Column Showers

Column showers are a modern and stylish option that combine multiple features in one unit. They typically include a showerhead, hand shower and/or bath filler. They are arranged in a vertical layout with external piping, inspired by traditional designs.

We have 3 versions of column showers available; Curved (BTS2), Straight (BTS42), or Arched (BTS18). The curved column shower looks very stylish and curves around to create a pleasant showering experience. The straight-column shower comes out more so you do not need to stand close to the wall when showering. The arched-column shower is perfect for taller people as it creates a shower from a generous height.

When choosing a showerhead for a column shower, you can consider a model with a range of spray settings. Additionally, look for a showerhead that can be adjusted to different angles, allowing you to customize the direction of the water flow.

Our classic showerhead looks great with the column shower style, with added hand shower and bath filler.

Wall-Mounted Showers

Wall-mounted showers are a classic option that offers a clean and simple look. They typically have a fixed showerhead that is attached to the wall with hidden pipework. When choosing a showerhead for a wall-mounted shower, look for a model that offers a wide spray pattern, which can help to cover a larger area.

Our classic showerhead with a thicker, extra-large arm has a 150mm - 200mm angle-able shower head which is perfect to adjust the direction of the water flow.

Ceiling-Mounted Showers

Ceiling-mounted showers are a luxurious and modern option that is perfect for a spa-like shower experience. They typically have a large showerhead that is mounted directly to the ceiling.
When choosing a showerhead for a ceiling-mounted shower, look for a model that has a wide spray pattern, which can help to cover a larger area.

Our modern showerhead looks great as a ceiling-mounted shower. Since this shower features a direct vertical rainfall-style water flow it can simulate the feeling of standing in the warm summer rain. Ceiling-mounted showers are also a good option if you have a lower ceiling. We can customise your shower arm to your preferred length, whether you need a shorter or longer option.

Whether you have a thermostatic, column, wall-mounted, or ceiling-mounted shower, choosing the right showerhead can be based on design, style and practicability.

At Francone Bespoke Taps, we offer the following showerhead styles:

Bell-Shaped - Our bell-shaped showerhead's design elements include a wider coverage area, evenly distributed water, and a larger number of nozzles. It works well if you have a higher ceiling.

Classic - Our classic shower head provides a powerful and targeted flow. It offers a traditional shower experience with a timeless style.

Flat - Our flat showerhead has a unique, chic shape and provides a wide coverage area with even water distribution. It is a popular choice for those who have a lower ceiling.

Modern - Our modern showerhead has a sleek and minimalist shape, that can complement a range of bathroom styles, from contemporary to industrial. Its sleek and modern design complements contemporary bathroom styles.

2-Spray - Our 2-spray showerhead provides the user with two different water flow options, allowing for a personalized shower experience. It is made from solid brass so it’s quite heavy but with a great mechanism. The compact design of the shower head makes it a perfect fit for those who have limited space in their shower or prefer a more minimalist look.

By considering the tips we have shared in this article, you can choose the perfect shower and showerhead for your specific needs and preferences, ensuring a relaxing and rejuvenating shower experience every time.