How To Make a Successful Airbnb

If you’re already an Airbnb host or considering becoming one, when it comes to preparing your property for guests, the bathroom is an essential place to start.  There’s no doubt that those using the booking platform have come to expect dream-worthy holiday abodes and a stylish and well-thought-out bathroom can make the difference between a glowing five-star review and a complaint. You want your guests to check-out feeling inspired by your bathroom and not rushing back home to jump in their own shower with a sigh of relief.

Here are our top five tips for creating an Airbnb bathroom that will have your guests returning to stay year after year and recommending you to everyone they know:

Get the plumbing right

This may seem like an obvious one but there is nothing more disappointing than stepping into a shower for the first time only to discover that the water pressure is so low it takes about an hour to wash your hair or that the controls are temperamental and you have to dive in and out to avoid being scalded. Whether your guests are travelling for work or pleasure, getting the basics right is essential. Enlisting the help of a reliable plumber and installing high quality thermostatic mixer taps and showers will keep the water temperature steady. Give your guest ultimate control over their showering experience by opting for a progressive mixer which allows temperature alterations in a single movement.

Use personal touches

Airbnb’s uniqueness is that it offers a ‘home away from home’ so don’t be afraid to inject some of your own personal style into the room. For a creative space, accessorise imaginatively. Artwork is important - use something bold to create drama or serene for a calmer vibe. Plants can also transform the room by bringing the outside in and making the atmosphere bright and tranquil. In terms of fittings why not opt for completely bespoke taps and showers with flair and personality that will really make an impact on your guest.

Unique bathroom with colourful decor

Image: @thepalm_residence

Consider comfort as well as style

Heated towel rail in practical airbnb style bathroom

Image: @tannery.interiors

A great bathroom should ooze both style and functionality in equal measures. Considering the small but all-important details such as creating a spot for guests to place their wine glass down on whilst relaxing in the bath or installing a heated brass rail to warm their towels on will make all the difference.

Prioritise practicality

Low maintenance brass bathroom basin

Image: @interior.therapy

The guest experience is key when designing your bathroom but as a host it’s also important to remember that your property needs to be practical and easy to maintain too. Invest in high quality solid brass bathroom fixtures that are built to withstand heavy usage and consider selecting lower maintenance finishes such as unlacquered brass which can be left to age beautifully and won’t show up every scratch or smear a guest leaves behind.

Add value with luxury finishes

Luxury rolltop bath with brass taps

Image: @laurengilberthorpeinteriors

To get the best return on your property rental and go for that coveted ‘super-host’ status, aim for the wow factor and fit luxurious statement pieces in your bathroom. If space allows then why not install a gorgeous roll top bath with brass floor mounted taps, a unique terracotta basin or a huge walk in shower with extra-large ‘his and hers’ ceiling mounted shower heads. High quality solid brass taps are synonymous with luxury and will compliment an overall scheme that is far from a run-of-the-mill catalogue bathroom.