3 Ways To Budget Smartly

Cost is often at the heart of every decision you make for your home, and your new luxury bathroom is no different. You'll be acutely aware of your budget and your overall plan for your bathroom will no doubt include economies. However, there are a few tricks to ensure that you're not compromising on the kind of luxury bathroom that will be the centerpiece of your home for many years to come.

1. Keep Your Current Layout

Minimal traditional bathroom with bath, basin and brass tap and shower

Image: @ourhousewithtallchimneys

Relocating your bathroom furniture is sometimes unavoidable, especially if you're installing a free-standing bath or something similar. However, bear in mind that this will result in having to amend the pipework around the bathroom and can increase the costs dramatically. If you can keep the same layout, you'll automatically be saving money that you can then spend on luxury additions and finishing touches to your new bathroom.

2. Create Focal Points

Plain bathroom with focal basin and brass hardware

Image: @em.gurner

This is a good piece of advice no matter what your budget “ creating focal points within your opulent bathroom highlights the most luxurious elements. For instance, you can stick to your budget by keeping the same pipework around your bathroom and yet install bespoke deck-mounted taps in an unusual finish that really catches the eye.

Alternatively, if you want to add luxury touches to other aspects of your bathroom, why not focus on the sink? A unique basin combined with ornamental wall mounted taps like our BT44 can create a focal point away from the bathtub. If you've decided to keep your original layout and yet you're looking for something a little different, this could be the ideal compromise.

3. Choose Quality from the Beginning

Bathroom with quality brass tapware and walk in shower

Image: @projecth0me

You know the scenario “ something is offered at a suspiciously low price in a sale but, because it looks so good, you snap it up. Somewhere in the future, this piece of equipment breaks, and you can't get a refund. You pay more money to rectify the problem, often exceeding the amount you would've paid for quality equipment at the start of the process. Problems with taps and showers can have far-reaching implications for your home, and if those problems are caused by shoddy workmanship, you have every right to be disgruntled. Buying direct from suppliers who place an emphasis on quality and have their own direct relationships with the manufacturers will ensure a personal service throughout and will facilitate solutions in the event of any issues.

Bespoke Taps Prioritise Quality Unique Products

One thing our customers highlight about their shopping experiences with us is that they have such a variety of choices for finishes and tap styles to select from. This means that, whatever the focal point of their luxury bathroom is going to be, they can make it uniquely theirs with a finish that matches their personal style. We also offer a personal service that's all part of making your new luxury bathroom uniquely yours and the buying process smooth and simple.