Choose an Unlacquered Finish

When you choose artisan products from Francone Bespoke Taps, you know that you are going to receive a very unique and hand-made item for your home. Individual, no two pieces are identical and you can make them even more distinctive depending upon which finish you opt for.

Unlaquered brass taps over marble basin

Image: @casa.curated

A more natural finish

These days many clients want to go for a more natural finish when it comes to their artisan-produced taps and the unlacquered brass finish certainly gives this.

The beauty is in the ageing process which takes place naturally because there is no lacquer applied to the surface to keep the elements away. New products are always shiny and polished but brass does not stay this way if the lacquer is not applied. We have taken advantage of this fact when creating our unlacquered brass finish. Basically, we have harnessed the power of Mother Nature and used it to create a patina on the brass that never stops looking magnificent.

Unlaquered brass shower taps on black and white tiles 

Image: @stepneyrenovation

What is patina?

The patina on your unlacquered brass taps is created by a natural tarnishing effect on the metal. It gives a wonderfully aged look that is incredibly popular and appealing. The patina will occur naturally over a period of time if you do nothing to your taps, do not use cleaning products on them and just let the colour change. It will become more stunning to look at as time passes and the brass material comes into contact with air, water, heat and humidity. We encourage this process by leaving the brass in its raw state, showing off the undeniable good looks of these high-quality taps.

If you want shiny taps with a uniform finish, then the unlacquered brass choice is not the right one for you. Alternatively, if you like a more ˜unfinished' look, this will suit you perfectly.

Neutral bathroom with roll top bath and unlaquered brass taps

Image: @victoria_at_thewhitecottage

Traditional look

If you are going for a traditional look in your home, rather than contemporary, the unlacquered brass will look superb. Our unlacquered brass taps go well with antique bathrooms suites and within old or even listed buildings. You don't need to do anything to the taps as the patina will develop with time. Your unlacquered brass taps will arrive with you in a polished condition as this is the way they leave our workshop. However, this is only temporary and it won't be long before they start looking as old and aged as you want them to.

Bathroom with unlaquered brass taps over basin

Image: @projecth0me

Not to be confused with polished brass finish

Do not confuse our unlacquered brass taps with the polished brass finish; the two are entirely different. The polished brass has a layer of protective lacquer applied that prevents any type of patina developing. Unlacquered brass will look fairly shiny when it arrives but will soon age and develop a wonderful patina if left alone.

If you are having difficulty making up your mind or have any queries at all, please do get in touch with us.