Figuring Out Which Fittings Are Right For You

Whether picturing a dream bathroom or perhaps planning a renovation or a bathroom makeover, we can visualise every element to your exact specification. However, it is often challenging to find exactly what you are looking for, especially when it comes to fittings like taps. Furthermore, most shops and even online retailers will only have a limited number of suppliers with a select number of designs and styles. So, what do you do if you can't find the exact bathroom fittings you are looking for, or perhaps you've found the almost-perfect fitting, but you'd like it tweaking slightly?

Form your idea

Flatlay of bathroom materials

Image: @diaryofascottishrenovation 

It is your project and you should be able to envision the finished product exactly how you imagine it to be. Whatever that is, jot it down. You can create your idea by drawing a design of your own, a description and perhaps a mood board of the finishes, colours, designs and styles you like, even if you cannot find just one product that has it all.

Still not sure?

It can be helpful to visit a few bathroom stores to get a feel of the taps and bathrooms fittings they offer. Even if you cannot find what you want, this process can help to rule out the designs you definitely don't want. You may discover through testing some of the tap designs out that you don't like the way they operate or the style of the handle, and this is all useful information for getting your perfect taps.

Consider materials carefully

Bespoke Taps finishes

Certain tap materials work well with customisation and others will not work well. Typically, solid materials such as solid brass are best. For example, solid brass is much more malleable than materials such as steel or iron, which makes it a perfect material for plumbing fittings. Secondly, brass can come with a number of different finishes so you can create a fantastic decorative finish, whether you prefer a nickel, polished or antique finish or even chrome plated. Another finish is unlacquered brass. This can only occur with solid brass and provides a beautiful natural finish as the brass ages. If the brass is not solid, then this ageing process that enhances the look of solid brass won't happen all over the fitting. It may leave it looking unappealing and need replacing quickly. Be wary of cheaper material or cheap brass products because often these are not solid brass. The materials are often mixed with an element of less quality, which can not only ruin the effect, make it more difficult to create the perfect shape but also shorten the lifespan of the product. If you find the ideal tap fittings, then you want them to last. Quality usually works out as the most economical choice.

Choose handcrafted options

Handcrafted brass taps

While it may seem like your only choice for bathroom fittings are the ones your plumber or local retailer offer, there are countless options available and by choosing handcrafted options, you can even design your unique, perfect taps yourself.

At Bespoke Taps, we work with a number of artisan craftspeople who can offer beautiful bespoke taps and customisations that many of the big-name retailers simply cannot provide. Whatever aspect that you need or design you have in your mind; you can develop a custom design with our expert artisan craftspeople who focus on quality work that meets your needs at an affordable price.