Insider Interview #6: Emma Deeley, Tythe

Francone Bespoke Taps is lucky enough to have clients who choose our products for their beautiful properties. Welcome to Insider Interviews, our series where we chat to design experts about their inspiration, unique style and why they opt for Francone Bespoke Taps.

Nestled in picturesque Oxfordshire countryside, Tythe stands as an enchanting haven for those seeking a perfect blend of rustic charm and timeless elegance for their special day. From its weathered stone walls to the sprawling gardens, Tythe offers a captivating backdrop that transforms weddings into magical experiences. Join us as we hear from the owner, Emma Deeley, about how interior design choices contribute to the unique character of this special venue. 

Can you tell us about The Tythe Barn?

The Tythe Barn (now rebranded as ‘Tythe.’), was built back in 1370 and would have originally been used for storage and more importantly to receive ‘tithes’ or rent, which was an amount of money that a person gave to their local Church – usually equal to one tenth of that person’s income.  Set in rural Oxfordshire the barn has been a part of the Deeley family farm for over 500 years, starting life as the lambing barn and acting as a shelter for lambs in the spring and to cattle in the winter. As farming evolved and earlier processes became more sophisticated, the barn became increasingly redundant and the family looked to breathe new life into the building, recognising early on that its history and unique character provided great potential for the next adventure.  

What was your inspiration for creating a wedding venue?

By 1998, the Deeley family were looking at restoring the barn and they began discussing possible options for its future. They considered converting it into a fitness hub, but it was when the oldest son, Peter Deeley, was looking for a venue for his own wedding, the barn seemed like the perfect spot. 

Back then Tythe offered just one barn - a simple backdrop where trestle tables, chairs and loos were all hired in, alongside a makeshift bar. A simple beginning, but the inspiration for the barn as a wedding and event venue were firmly established. Today, the Tythe estate has grown significantly and now offers a wonderful collection of beautifully restored barns, an impressive 17th Century Farmhouse, manicured gardens and mature grounds. 

What challenges did you face when renovating a barn?

The main thatched barn dates back to around 1370 and is Grade II* Listed.  The beauty of this is that the building has retained so much of its original character and charm, but as with all historical buildings, there is both a degree of responsibility as well as numerous challenges that come with a renovation. The roof needed re-thatching and the huge 3-foot thick beams that support the roof needed to be safely restored to guarantee a few more hundred years.  The biggest challenge was always to restore the barn sympathetically so that we didn’t take away any of its original charm or character.

How did you discover Francone Bespoke Taps?

I was very clear about the look I wanted when I was renovating The Farmhouse at Tythe and I did a huge amount of research – both on and offline.  I wanted a gorgeous brass tap that would age beautifully and endure the test of time as well as repeated use from guests. I think I spotted an image of a brass shower head by Francone Bespoke Taps online and knew pretty much straight away that I’d found my supplier!

What made you choose Francone Bespoke Taps products for your property and what do you like about their products?  

The quality of the entire range from Bespoke Taps is incredible.  I love that they look so beautiful, age well and fitted in perfectly with my vision for the 17th Century house.

When the delivery of my first Francone product arrived – the brass shower - I said to my husband that it was like unwrapping a piece of jewellery!! 

Will you have any exciting expansion or renovation projects in the future?  

Opposite The Farmhouse we have three old stone barns that will be perfect for providing additional accommodation for guests staying at Tythe.  I am already collating images for my Pinterest boards and Francone Bespoke Taps will of course be my absolute ‘go to’ for all my taps and showers!  Watch this space!

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Photo credits: Sarah Griggs