Choosing a Tap Mount

Planning your luxury bathroom means you have plenty of options, whether you're installing an entirely new bathroom or simply upgrading your existing one. One of the best ways of rejuvenating your bathroom and stamping your personality on it is by taking particular care over the taps you choose. They can make your break your beautiful bathroom. So, what are your top options?

Wall Mounted Taps 

Wall mounted brass taps over enamel bathroom basin

Image: @thisoldgaff

If you're looking for a fresh and contemporary touch to make your bathroom complete, why not opt for wall mounted taps? These taps make it seem as though the bathroom is seamlessly integrated and they give the whole room a flawless quality. They're also stylishly understated, ensuring that wall mounted taps fit perfectly into a minimalist bathroom. Quality wall mounted taps can be made with a range of finishes and styles. For example, our popular Wall Mounted Cold & Hot Taps Basin/Bath Filler is 100% solid brass and available in a selection of 13 finishes. We don't stop there with the customisation either – there are 8 handle choices from hex across through to lever or bullet. We also supply bespoke spout lengths to enable our taps to work with every basin and bath. Just remember to click the “Custom Work” box when you order and specify the length you need.

Deck Mounted Taps 

Deck mounted brass tap over kitchen basin

Image: @laurenoliviadesign

Deck mounted simply means that the taps are attached to the bath or basin, sometimes to the unit that the basin is fixed to. These taps are attached through drilled holes and, beyond this, they can be pillar taps or monoblocs in numerous styles and finishes. The benefit to deck mounted taps compared to wall mounted taps is that they are generally easier to install than wall mounted taps. However, that also means that they're more common and you might want to choose something a little more exclusive for your bathroom refresh. One of our favourites for traditional bathrooms with a flash of superiority is this Bespoke 3 Hole Industrial Brass Tap or Mixer, available in the finish of your choice. This can be built to any height and with any spout length, guaranteeing it will work for your bath or basin.

Floor Mounted Taps 
Floor mounted brass tap over a roll top bath

Image: @lorenasiminovich

Freestanding baths posed a bit of a problem for tap designers and plumbers when they became popular. How to ensure that the water flow worked without adding ugly pipework to the side of an elegant bathtub? Floor mounted taps were the answer and they have revolutionised the way contemporary bathrooms can be designed. If you're searching for a style that sets your bathroom apart from everyone else's, choose a freestanding bath with floor-mounted taps. The Bespoke Taps collection features several contemporary styles of floor mounted bath taps. This one, complete with mixer and hand shower, comes in up to 13 finishes, ensuring that your new taps will fit the colour scheme of your bathroom perfectly. It's one of our best-sellers in both deck mounted and floor mounted forms – all you have to do is fill in the “Custom Work” box and the specifications can be altered for you. Whether you want 100% brass or a ceramic hand shower and diverter, we'll complete the design to your specifications.

Which to Choose?

Your choice of taps often hinges on the style of your bathroom and the other decisions you have made throughout the planning or redesigning process. However, the Bespoke Taps range has been carefully developed to give you the fullest range possible. Our finishes and handle styles, along with our quality workmanship and customer service, make us the top choice in luxury taps for bathrooms. Browse our entire range here and don't forget to contact us if you need any help or advice. Don't forget – if you can't see the exact tap you want, we can always design and create a bespoke option for you. We're called Bespoke Taps, after all!