The Benefits of Using a Solid Brass Heated Towel Rail in Your Bathroom

A heated towel rail is a luxurious addition to any bathroom. Not only does it provide a warm and cosy towel after a shower or bath, but it also adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the space. If you're considering a heated towel rail for your bathroom, you may want to consider a solid brass model. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using a solid brass heated towel rail, as well as the different options available on the market.

Firstly, let's look at why you should consider a solid brass heated towel rail. Solid brass is a durable and high-quality material that is resistant to corrosion and wear. This means that your towel rail will last longer and require less maintenance over time. Solid brass also has a timeless and classic look that can enhance the aesthetics of any bathroom.

When it comes to the different options for heated towel rails, there are three main types: electric, plumbed-in, and dual systems.

Electric heated towel rails are standalone units that plug into an electrical outlet. They are easy to install and can be used independently of your central heating system. This is a great option if you want to have warm towels all year round, regardless of whether you have the heating on or not. 

Plumbed-in heated towel rails are connected to your central heating system and require professional installation. This type of towel rail is ideal if you want a more permanent and integrated solution. The heat from your central heating system is used to warm the rails, which means that your towels will be warm whenever your heating is on.

Dual system heated towel rails combine the benefits of both electric and plumbed-in models. They can be used independently of your central heating system, but also have the option to be connected to it. This means that you can choose to have warm towels all year round, or only when your heating is on.

When choosing a heated towel rail, it's important to consider the size and style that will work best for your bathroom. You can choose from a range of sizes and designs. 

We offer 3, 4 or 5 bar rails in a range of finishes.

Whether you choose an electric, plumbed-in, or dual system model, you can enjoy warm and cosy towels all year round. So why not add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a high-quality solid brass heated towel rail?

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