Unleashing the Beauty of Personalised Brass Fixtures

Francone Bespoke Taps specialises in creating customised brass fixtures tailored to the specific needs and preferences of its clients. Here are a few examples of customisations that the company can offer:

1. Finish Options: Francone Bespoke Taps can create fixtures in a range of unlacquered finishes, from brass to brushed nickel or antique bronze. Clients can choose the finish that best suits their style and complements their space.

2. Handle Styles: The company can offer a variety of handle styles to choose from, including cross handles, lever handles, and vintage handles. Clients can select the handle style that best fits their needs and complements their overall design aesthetic.

3. Spout Lengths & Height: The length and height of the spout can be customised to suit the needs of the client's sink and space. Longer spouts may be needed for larger sinks or for those who prefer more clearance between the faucet and sink.

4. Custom Column Showers: Tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of clients. With a variety of customisation options available, including shower head styles, spray patterns, and finishes, clients can create a unique and functional shower that perfectly complements their space. 

5. Custom Designs: For clients who want truly unique fixtures, Francone Bespoke Taps can create custom designs that are tailored to their specific needs and preferences. The company's skilled artisans can work with clients to bring their vision to life and create fixtures that are both beautiful and functional.

These are just a few examples of the customisations that Francone Bespoke Taps can offer. 

Francone Bespoke Taps takes pride in offering a wide range of customisation options to its clients. In order to make the process easier for clients, the company includes a dedicated "Customisation" tab on each of its product pages. This tab outlines the specific customisation options available for that particular product, ensuring that clients have all the information they need to make an informed decision. From finish options to handle styles and spout lengths, clients can choose from a variety of customisations to create fixtures that meet their specific needs and preferences. With its focus on quality craftsmanship and personalised service, Francone Bespoke Taps is committed to helping clients create beautiful and functional brass fixtures that truly reflect their unique style.