Why Choose an Unlacquered Finish?

Interior designers and high-end homeowners around the world love our designs for a number of reasons, but one in particular stands out… Our unlacquered finishes!

Choosing to offer unlacquered finishes is a conscious decision for us here at Francone Bespoke Taps and we genuinely believe it enables us to offer superior products so let’s talk about why. 

Unlacquered brass tap

Image: @oldhouse_newbeginnings

First of all, what is lacquer

Lacquer is a thin, clear coat which is applied to a surface in order to seal it from factors that would otherwise cause oxidisation. Take brass for example, over time, being exposed to air and water splashes will eventually show as fluctuations in the appearance of the surface of the item. Oxidisation is a totally natural process. Lacquer effectively provides a barrier between the item and the elements to maintain a factory-fresh appearance. The lacquer will wear down overtime to reveal the surface underneath anyway, especially in areas which you touch frequently. 

Unlacquered brass tap

Image: @victoria_at_thewhitecottage


The beauty of ageing

We adore the look of our products fresh out of the workshop, gleaming and crafted to perfection. However, the true beauty in our products lies in the heritage of the designs and how they are unique, set apart from mainstream products. The gradual ageing of the metal embodies this perfectly, developing character and a story behind something we hope you love to use now and for years to come. 

With an unlacquered product, you’ll always have the option of polishing it to bring it back to the condition it left our workshop in, so you have the choice to dictate how your piece looks, which is something you don’t get with lacquered finishes. 

Unlacquered brass taps

Image: @tilehousestudio

Why we sell unlacquered finishes

Francone Bespoke Taps choose to offer unlacquered products because we believe in the beauty of ageing, the importance of character in tapware and we’re purists when it comes to finishes, no coatings here. As our items are all made from solid brass, we want to make sure we let the finish speak for itself, not hide it under a plastic coating. We’re embracing natural processes. After all, a unique unlacquered finish will give a far more enjoyable experiencing using it than a run of the mill coated product which lack personality. 

Each Francone Bespoke Taps product is made and quality checked in our Italy-based workshops then protected with a coating of beeswax to protect it during transit so it arrives to your home in the same condition.

Unlaquered brass showerhead

Image: @house_thirtyone

We offer a range of textured finishes

Our unlacquered brass is without a doubt our most popular finish and gives you the freedom to appreciate oxidisation or polish to a high shine. If you appreciate the aesethics of textured surfaces, we also offer a number of finishes which use a series of workshop processes to create multi-tonal, brushes or aged-effect looks. We also offer different metals which range from bright gold-tones down to stunning almost-black products. Check out those finishes here: https://bespoketaps.com/pages/finishes