How to Maximise Light in Your Bathroom

Good lighting is absolutely essential in a bathroom, perhaps more so than any other room in the house. Whether it’s day-to-day personal hygiene, a self-care routine or simply enjoying your time in the bathroom, it needs to be well-lit. That means maximising each different aspect of light source in your bathroom so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Here’s what you need to think about to maximise the light in your bathroom…


A large pendant lamp with the right bulb wattage

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @fionadukeinteriors @annastathakiphoto   

Most simple and perhaps most obvious when it comes to lighting your bathroom property is picking the right main light. We would suggest opting for a large pendant light so it can emit brightness from the centre of the room. Also consider a design like the one pictured above as it lets a lot of light through but still looks amazing. 


Try a skylight for loft conversions

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @eastbury_

If your bathroom is in a loft conversion or has an eternal ceiling to work with, a skylight is an absolute must. Nothing quite beats natural light when it comes to a beauty or grooming routine so take every opportunity to welcome it in. Skylights, more often than not, offer privacy from any onlookers and if not, just fit a sheer retractable blind to have the best of both worlds. 


Choose a light design with multiple bulbs

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @casa.curated

Whether it’s a ceiling light or wall lights, choosing a design which has multiple bulbs for maximum light output is an easy choice, especially where one big light isn’t so appropriate. If you can combine this with a metallic finish on the hardware then all the better as the light will be further bounced around the room. 


Go large on window size for optimum natural light

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @kasbahkate

As we’ve said, natural light is the best kind of light when it comes to illuminating your bathroom perfectly, so it almost goes without saying that this is a ‘the bigger the better’ kind of situation. Choose a large or extra-large window, and if you can go floor-to-ceiling then even better. As with the stunning bathroom pictured above, choosing frosted glass or fitting a frosted film will maintain your privacy but ensure plenty of light still flows into the room. 


Sometimes the best light is candlelight

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @simplyscandikatie

We tend to forget the little sources of light than can make all of the difference, especially when it comes to ambience. Candles are a subtle way to introduce a warm glow to your bathroom and they can absolutely maximise light when specifically placed in darker corners or awkward spots. When it comes to candles, the more you use, the better the outcome. 


Glass shower screens can reflect light around the bathroom

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @simplyscandinavian

Even in an wet room or open plan bathroom, glass screen can come in really handy to create a reflective surface. In a way, it’s sometimes worth using a glass shower screen even if it isn’t absolutely necessary because what it add cancels out any space it may take up. Not only that, it’s also a super practical for hygiene and when placed near a high-wattage light or external window, it’ll amplify that light nicely.


Frame your mirror with pendant lights

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @marbleandash

Ceiling lights are a must but you also need to adequately illuminate your vanity mirror. This maximises bathroom light in two ways. Wall lights here will illuminate the room as well as your view in the mirror better but when placed either side of the main mirror, the light will reflect back into the room as well so you’re truly maximising your bathroom light. 


Choose a paint with a shiny finish that bounces light around the room

How to maximise bathroom light

Image: @annastathakiphoto @fionadukeinteriors 

This is an idea you don’t often see in bathrooms. Painting your walls with a satin-effect paint not only tends to be a smart move for pairing with the humidity in bathrooms but it can also work a subtle bit of magic by shining light back around the room, further amplifying any light from electric lights or windows. Just be sure not to use it on any surfaces with a slip risk.