Insider Interview #1: Brooke Copp-Barton

Francone Bespoke Taps is lucky enough to work with some stellar interior designers who turn our products into true masterpieces. Welcome to Insider Interviews, our summer series of chatting to design experts about their inspiration, unique style and why they choose Francone Bespoke Taps.

First in the series is Brooke Copp-Barton. Based in Chiswick, London, she's a self confessed lover of pattern and colour and gosh does she do it well. From traditional style to quirky details, we always love seeing Brooke's projects. 

 Traditional living room with quirky styling and patterns

Can you tell us about your journey as an interior designer so far?

I came to interior design fairly late having worked in advertising (client services) in a previous life. I’d always had a passion for interiors though and had done up previous homes, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I properly retrained at KLC as I just felt a better grounding in the basics would be enormously helpful.

How would you describe your style?

Fairly laid back, lived in, warm, inviting homes, bursting with pattern and colour!  We gravitate towards an eclectic mix of styles, nothing too formal or rarified - more of a collection of pre loved often vintage pieces to give heart to a home.

Colourful living room with tasteful patterns

Where do you find your inspiration?

Everywhere! I’ve discovered on this journey that designers never turn their eyes off - there is always inspiration to be had wherever you are and I think we are like sponges to environments around us. What people did before mobile phones and cameras in our pockets I don’t know!

How did you find out about Francone Bespoke Taps originally?

I was a member of the Interior Design Collective - an independent designer collective that is sadly no longer running (although we are still all in contact and still support each other) and Bespoke Taps were one of the trade partners.

Brass taps in a wood timber and blue bathroom

What do you like about specifying Francone Bespoke Taps products?

I like the range of styles and in particular the range of finishes that the products come in. And the fact that there is pretty much a solution for the whole bathroom - so if you decide on one finish you can run it across everything. I particularly like the unlacquered brass finish as it develops such a warm and lived in patina over time. Not for everyone, but that look very much suits our lived in style.

What advice would you give to those struggling to define their own interior style?

It usually pays to be brave. If that scares you on the big ticket items, go safe with these but introduce colour/pattern through items that are more easily changeable (rugs, cushions/throws/lamps) etc. I’d also advise investing in getting the basics right (floors, lighting fittings, radiators, door furniture, fireplaces, sanitary ware, brassware etc). These are things you only do once - they may not be the most exciting but in my opinion they do make a big difference to the overall feel of a home.

Traditional shaker kitchen with colourful styling

If you don’t mind us asking, what are you working on at the moment? Or anything exciting in the works?

We are working on a Victorian garden flat in Clapham, a house extension in Ealing, a kitchen/bathroom in Shepherds Bush and a full first floor flat renovation in Ealing.

Pastel bathroom with brass taps and shower

You can find Brooke at @home_at_brookes and at

All images are credited to Megan Taylor